Repairs & Restoration

Before renovation, some floors may need major or minor repairs. The good news when you have wooden flooring is that it is reparable. The wooden flooring restoration can bring back to life your old hardwood flooring. However the maintenance and in addition the restore of your wood is quite necessary for the extended time period working and the sustainability in the wood ground.

If you peel back your carpet and you are likely to see a dirty wooden floor covered with paint stains and cuts across the boards where plumbers or electricians have cut them. It is obvious at first impression the wooden floor doesn’t look appealing. But these wooden floors can be sanded and repaired. Damaged boards can be replaced with reclaim boards.

Scratches from a pet, young children or just a long term use of your wooden flooring are 100% reparable. Sanding and gap filling your floor will make it look like you just moved in to a new house.

Recent Restoration Projects

Carl Hunt Flooring have recently undertaken several restoration projects. These have included squash courts, gyms, school, hotels and village halls. We can transform tired and worn squash courts to match play standard and keep them that way.

Carl Hunt Flooring will restore your courts and preserve their condition with a comprehensive squash court maintenance programme.
Floor sanding, sealing and court markings, interim scrubbing & re-sealing.

Water stains on wood consist of 2 types -white stains and dark stains:

White stains are the result of moisture penetrating into the finish, but not into the wood itself. Leaving a glass with condensation on its exterior on wood can cause a white stain that looks like a ring. If you have white stains, giving your floor a light sanding and applying a new coat of the required finish is your option. Ones its being done your floor will look like it is brand new.

Dark stains occur when the water penetrates the finish and goes into the wood, such as a stain on a wood floor where moisture has leached from a planter. Having a dark stains might require replacement of some of the floor boards which have been damaged with a reclaimed wood (Reclaimed wood is necessary to be used instead of new one – the finish will never look the same applied on new and old wooden boards). Sanding, gap filling and finishing afterwards and you want recognise your floor.

If your concrete subfloor is damaged and a moisture coming from underneath it might be fatal for your wooden floor. You have to take actions as soon as possible. It might require whole of your flooring to come up, repairing of the existing concrete subfloor with appropriate methods, Damp Proofing the area.

If your flooring is not damaged, it can be installed again following by the necessary Sanding Procedures. Sometimes is more cost-effective to replace the old wooden floor with new one. Our professional surveyors will discuss with you the best alternative that you will have.

If your floor needs a major or minor repair do not hesitate to contact us.